A Web Designer with 2 years’ experience who enjoys working in fast-paced and challenging environments. Eager to continue learning Front-End languages and wish to continue studying and developing new skills.

I have designed, developed and maintained several websites from scratch for businesses and social groups using Front end languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery,


I was born in 1982 in St.Albans, Hertfordshire and I lived there for the next 23 years. Within those years I studied at Wheatfields Primary School, Verulam Secondary School and then completed a BA degree in Sport Studies at De Montfort University, Bedford.

In May 2006 I moved to Cardiff in Wales to work as a full time tennis coach at Whitchurch Tennis Club and for the next 8 years I ran my own business and worked as the Head Coach. My role was to develop the club and attract new members where there hadn't been a set coaching programme running before me.

I am a keen sportsman with my main sports I enjoy playing and watching being Tennis, Badminton and Cricket. Although my favourite sport is Football and I support Tottenham Hotspur. I'm also a keen film viewer and cinema goer!

Professional Work

During my time at Miles33, I have been given the task of wireframing, designing, creating, reskinning and regularly maintaining and supporting customer sites. Here is a selection of some of the sites which I worked upon.

Antrim Guardian website
Antrim Guardian
Ballycastle Chronicle website
Ballycastle Guardian
Ballymoney Chronicle website
Ballymoney Guardian
Coleraine Chronicle website
Coleraine Guardian
County Down Outlook website
County Down Outlook Guardian
Northern Limavady Constitution website
Northern Constitution
Newry Democrat website
Newry Democrat
Strabane Weekly News website
Strabane Weekley News
Tyrone Constitution website
Tyrone Constitution
Tyrone Courier website
Tyrone Courier
Ulster Guardian website
Ulster Gazette
Newbury Today website
Newbury Today
Maidenhead  website
Maidenhead Advertiser

Personal work

Terrorism and Social Media

My work in this project involved building the entire website using WordPress, which required speaking to the client to understand their needs for the look and feel it should provide.

The event, which is held each year in Swansea, needed a website to promote the selling of tickets and the event information.

Blandford Evening WI

This site was created over 5 years as the Blandford Evening WI requiring to provide new information for those interested in joining and to try and be known around the local area.

After speaking to certain members of the Blandford evening WI there was an understanding of the requirements of the site. It was necessary for the site to be responsive and as a result W3.CSS was used. The languages used to build the site include HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I have continued to maintain the site by adding new content when needed, provide Google Analytics data and provide support if there are any questions.

Robert Macdonald Coaching website

Robert Macdonald Coaching

Back when I was a tennis coach, it was required to build a site in order to promote my business. After going to a couple of coding weekend courses and studying web design courses online, this started my interest in Web Design and coding!

I decided to further what I had learnt I was going to create the site from scratch without using a CMS in order to improve my coding skills. Consequently, the site was coded using HTML5 and CSS3.

As my business now ceases to exist and I have now become a Web Designer the site is now offline.


As part of my university course in Computing it was required to create a site to show the work for our project. We decided in order to complete a quick and comprehensive site it was necessary to choose a CMS and therefore we used Wix.

The site is still live and still shows the work we completed in our Agile project!

How Far, Wales

How Far?

The requirement for my work on this site was to change certain parts of the structure to the site and to adjust some of the styling. The site had been previously created so it was necessary to adjust what had been completed before my involvement.

The site was setup for a group of students who was working on a project at Uni. I dealt with members of their team to find out what they would like changed. As the project has now finished, the site is not live. It was created by using WordPress

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